The Palladio organization comprises over 50 software artifacts and is actively developed by over 32 members. This research paper presents a case study on the migration from Jenkins to GitHub Actions for automated builds in the development workflow for Palladio. The transition has yielded significant improvements in continuous integration, review processes, and deployment efficiency. The adoption of GitHub Actions’ modular and reusable workflows has further optimized our build pipeline, resulting in enhanced maintainability and reduced redundancy. Additionally, by leveraging dependency analysis, we applied the idea of incremental builds to the whole organization and automated the generation of build workflows, leading to improved resource utilization and an average speed-up in build times of 11.7. This study highlights the benefits of embracing GitHub Actions and provides valuable insights for development teams seeking to streamline their build processes.

Lucas Alber, Nicolas Boltz, Larissa Schmid

Published in: Softwaretechnik-Trends Band 43, Heft 4. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

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